Published Articles

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Completed Working Papers

''Fair Value Reclassifications of Financial Assets during the Financial Crisis'', (with J. Bischof and U. Brüggemann), University of Mannheim. Available at: 

''Do short sale transactions precede bad news events?'', (with S. A. Richardson and İ. Tuna), University of Pennsylvania. Available at:

''How do Individual Investors React to Global IFRS Adoption?'', (with U. Brüggemann, C. Homburg, and P. F. Pope), Lancaster University. Available at:

''Evaluating Methods to Estimate the Implied Cost of Equity Capital: A Simulation Study'', (with E. Maug, and J. van Halteren), University of Mannheim. Available at:

Presented Work in Progress

''Fair Value Accounting under IAS 39 and IFRS 9: Evidence from the Global Banking Industry'', (with J. Bischof and G. Gebhardt), University of Mannheim.


''Adopting International Financial Reporting Standards in the European Union - Empirical Essays on Causes, Effects and Economic Consequences'', Frankfurt am Main 2005.