Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation for all students of business administration are allocated centrally by the dean's office of the Business School. All information required for requesting a letter of recommendation can be found on the website of the Business School. In case of further questions, please contact the dean's office (gutachten@bwl.uni-mannheim.de). All other students, please contact the dean's office of your respective school.

For letters of recommendation, for which Prof. Daske has been appointed by the dean's office, please contact the secretary's office of the chair. The following documents are required:

  • school report of your A-levels
  • transcript of records
  • current peer group ranking by the student service office (upon request)
  • CV
  • references from internships
  • letter of motivation as attached to the application (if required by the institution)
  • description of the program you are applying for (link)
  • the template of the letter of appraisal ("Gutachten")- if existent

Please inform us by which date you need the letter of recommendation and what address (or internet link) it should be send to.