Ph.D. Courses

The Area "Accounting & Taxation" of the University of Mannheim offers a specialised Ph.D.-Program in the various sub-fields of Accounting and Tax research according to the highest international standards. The program consists of more than one year of corresponding coursework with around 12 full-scale Ph.D. courses in Economics, Finance, and the various methodological approaches in accounting and tax research (e.g. analytical modelling, normative approaches to standard setting, experimental and empirical research), and two years of dissertation work.

Admission to the doctoral program takes place on an annual basis for the program starting in September of each year. Applications deadline is always April 15, strong applications handed in before February 15 can receive early acceptance.

For more information, see the website of the Center for Doctoral Studies in Business.


Course Overview and Term Cycle

Veranstaltung HWS 2015 FSS 2016 HWS 2015 FSS 2017
ACC 801 Applied Methods and Tools in Accounting & Finance X - X -
ACC 903 Empirical Accounting Research - X - X