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ACC 801 Applied Methods & Tools in Accounting & Finance


This course is designed to introduce and guide Ph.D. students in the usage of methods and tools in empirical research in accounting and finance (A&F), and thus bring them quickly to the level at which they can "technically" implement empirical research ideas. Key topics include: 

  • Alternative data sources for empirical projects
  • Databases in A&F
  • Conceptual issues and problems in common databases in A&F
  • Introduction to statistical software packets (SAS, STATA, STAT Transfer), and guidance on other resources available to master more complex research methods
  • Example SAS and STATA code for the replication of an empirical paper published in a top tier "A+" academic accounting journal (e.g. Journal of Accounting & Economics, Journal of Accounting Research)
  • Discussion on the publication process of empirical research (Academic integrity in empirical research; The review process, and correspondence with referees and editors; Guidance and exercise on how to write a referee report)
  • Discussion of students’ semester replication projects

Course Objective

The primary objectives of this course are:

  1. to get an introduction to key data source of empirical research in A&F and to develop a critical perspective on the input data typically used in such studies,
  2. to get exposure to the way theoretical hypotheses are typically tested using the statistical software packages SAS and STATA,
  3. to develop an understanding of all the necessary steps in an empirical project (from the research idea to the complete paper) and
  4. to be able to critically evaluate other empirical research papers.

Overall, the class should teach students to conduct empirical research that is executed without technical error, is inter-personally replicable, and summarizes the main results generated adequately in key tables and corresponding text.

Further Information

 Details on the offering of this course are available via the Center for Doctoral Studies in Business.

 A general course syllabus can be downloaded here.